Chris Lischewski – Seafood Industry Leader and Sustainability Advocate

A longtime executive in the global seafood industry, Chris Lischewski has dedicated much of his career to promoting sustainability. In 1999, he joined Bumble Bee Seafoods, LLC, as president and CEO. Mr. Lischewski subsequently helped navigate the company out of bankruptcy, more than doubling its EBITDA margins and increasing sales by $600 million. To this end, he expanded Bumble Bee’s processing locations around the globe, which helped the company become the low-cost operator in the seafood industry. Mr. Lischewski also focused on increasing the quality of Bumble Bee’s products while tapping into new market segments.


In 2009, Mr. Lischewski was the driving force behind the creation of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). The ISSF is unique in that it is an organization that facilitates collaboration between members of the seafood industry and the scientific and environmental communities to bring about positive change. Under his leadership, ISSF grew to represent around 75 percent of the tuna industry worldwide, and its members have developed and voluntarily adopted strict policies on tuna stock conservation.

In addition, Chris Lischewski is a founding member of the Oceans Caucus Foundation, an organization that advocates for sustainable seafood policies at the national level. He has also participated in a Global Oceans Conference and the World Bank’s Blue Ribbon Panel for the Global Partnership for Oceans. Mr. Lischewski served as a trusted advisor to the U.S. Trade Representative’s Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee and on the Leadership Council of the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative.

Mr. Lischewski’s interest in sustainability extends to other industries beyond seafood as well. He is an investor and advisor to the agri-tech startup Menon Renewable Resources, which is repurposing agricultural by-products to create a more sustainable feed product for the swine, poultry, aquaculture and pet food industries.

Mr. Lischewski has otherwise maintained an active role in the global seafood industry through positions on boards and committees at several organizations. He has served on the board of directors of American Seafoods and Blue Harvest Seafoods, the executive committee and several other committees of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and the board of directors of the National Fisheries Institute.