Everything You Need to Know about Menon Renewable Products

Everything You Need to Know about Menon Renewable Products

Menon Renewable Products

Menon Renewable Products Inc. is quickly establishing itself as a pioneer of the animal feed industry. We look at how the enterprise takes agricultural by-products and converts them into animal food that promotes growth, health, and fishing sustainability.

High-Quality Food That Is Good for the Environment

Dr. Suresh Menon established the San Diego, California-based company, developing a patented process that turns agricultural by-products into a functional animal food known as MrFeed. MrFeed fulfills worldwide demand for sustainable, renewable animal feed. Additionally, it provides a nutritionally-balanced animal food that outperforms rival brands in poultry farming and aquaculture. It also promotes survivability and disease remediation.

MrFeed significantly promotes animal growth. It contains a variety of prebiotics, peptides, and nucleotides. Not only that, it is specially balanced to enhance digestibility and gut health, reducing the need for antibiotics and other treatments.

This nutritious animal feed utilizes agricultural by-products, relieving environmental pressures associated with traditional animal feed ingredients like fish meal. Production of MrFeed makes use of agricultural by-products that would otherwise go to landfill, reducing carbon footprints in both agriculture and the animal feed industry.

MrFeed and the Shrimp Industry

Today, MrFeed is an effective animal feed solution used in traditional farming and aquaculture. MrFeed has proved particularly successful in the commercial shrimp industry. Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese shrimp farmers have conducted field trials using MrFeed. The product has also been trialed in Mexico, Honduras, China, Canada and the U.S. All trials have all underlined significant benefits in terms of growth, survivability, and disease remediation.


Trials are also ongoing to gage the viability as an effective food in salmon, finfish, and poultry farming. Again, early indications are encouraging, noting significant improvements in health and yield.

Menon Renewable Products Inc has established a significant presence throughout the worldwide shrimp agriculture industry. Market development is currently ongoing in the poultry, salmon, and finfish markets, with research currently underway to develop MrFeed solutions for other livestock.

MrFeed Swine Food

MrFeed Pro50 Sw supports the pig growth cycle. This high-quality feed is rich in essential amino acids and crude protein, and free from artificial preservatives.

MrFeed swine food possesses an abundance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals while at the same time being highly digestible. Developed specifically for use in swine, MrFeed Pro50 Sw supports the immune system, promoting superior growth as well as providing excellent survivability.

The feed contains natural properties. It possesses numerous amino acids. MrFeed swine food contains EPA and DHA essential Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids that promote animal health.

It also contains immune stimulants, as well as natural enzymes proven to aid digestion. In addition, the feed is derived from sustainable, renewable ingredients. Health benefits of MrFeed swine food include: reduced need for antibiotics; enhancement of the immune system and overall health; and more nutritional factors and less of the bulking agents used in traditional swine feed.

MrFeed Finfish Food

MrFeed Pro50 FF is a quality feed, rich in essential amino acids with no artificial preservatives. This highly digestible feed delivers all of the proteins, vitamins and minerals needed to support finfish growth and health. The feed contains a number of essential amino acids, including arginine, lysine, leucine, and glycine, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.

MrFeed Poultry Food

MrFeed Pro50 C is specially designed to deliver all of the nutrients necessary to promote poultry health with no artificial preservatives. The feed contains essential amino and fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 to support growth and health.


MrFeed Shrimp Food

MrFeed Pro50 is a quality feed specially designed for use in shrimp farming. It supports shrimp growth and health by delivering key nutrients in a highly-digestible form.

MrFeed Sustainable Technology

Dr. Menon developed MrFeed products through extensive research facilitated by significant investment. MrFeed is produced by utilizing unique starter materials to produce a feed rich in proteins, enzymes, fats, minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics. Feed is derived from agricultural by-products, thus reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Every aspect of MrFeed’s formulations, technology, and production process is patent protected. Feed is produced through a special fermentation process. This results in a finished product with an amino acid profile that closely resembles traditional animal feed.

The potential of MrFeed is particularly substantial with regards to commercial fishing. As the aquaculture industry expands, replacing traditional fish meal offers huge advantages in terms of relieving pressure on fish stocks in the wild.

Menon has received numerous awards and accolades for the MrFeed brand. The Fish Farming International publication cited development of the feed one of the biggest breakthroughs in aquaculture in 2014. MrFeed shrimp food has outperformed traditional shrimp feeds in terms of growth, survivability, and disease remediation in both lab tests and third-party pond trials.

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